We're breaking the mold of what it means to get fit, you'll like the difference.

Your private personal training studio! Create your unique plan based on scientific research. LifeForce Fitness provides a variety of client centered services to customize your support and education specific to your goals and needs. Continue progressing forward physically, mentally and emotionally. Begin a 1:1 customized fitness, nutrition and wellness program to set you on the right track to achieve your optimal lifestyle. Supplement your current workout regimen with a small group specialty class geared towards your fitness goals. Engage in an upcoming event / outing to continue networking with others who enjoy the same fitness lifestyle that you do. There are abundant opportunities to customize your individual wellness needs.



  • Progressive Exercise Program Unique to YOU
  • Goal Specific Nutrition Counseling
  • 1-1 Training and/or Group Training
  • Off-site and Studio Training
  • Healthy Living Product Counseling


  • Exercise Program that Promotes Building Strength
  • Nutrition to Boost Muscle Growth and Physique
  • 1-1 Training and/or Group Training
  • Off-site and Studio Training
  • Product Recommendations for Building Muscle


  • Use Nutrition to Help You Avoid Unhealthy Food Choices
  • Work to Overcome and Understand Underlying Issues
  • Learn How to Intercept Negative Thinking and Stay Focused
  • Break Cycles of Using Unhealthy Habits as a Coping Mechanism
  • Gain Confidence from Within

High risk & pre/post rehab therapy

  • Regain Strength While Avoiding Injury
  • Heal Through Use of Nutrition, Exercise, and Mental Tools
  • Prepare for the Journey with Education of What Lies Ahead
  • Full Body Health Assessments to Make Sure That Progression is on Course
  • Collaborative Medical Advancement Every Step of the Way


Backed by education & experience

Bringing together psychological, medical, nutritional, and hands on techniques to best serve you!

""When I started working with Keely, I was going through some life transitions. I needed to take care of myself and get back to the athlete I'd been most of my life. Keely not only helps get your body in shape, but also gives you the tools and motivation to improve your behavior and your thought process which equals overall success. The quality changes I've made in my life with Keely's help are the best thing I could have done. Keely is the full package helping you on your journey mind, body, and soul. Thank you Keely."" - Client Testimonial