Prayfit Ministry
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Prayfit Ministry


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The mission of PrayFit Ministries is to help the collective church with humble, bodily stewardship, and to help those in the health & fitness industry toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Please join me in this amazing focus on how to give yourself the gift of health as a means of worship and praise!  Your health IS a means of praise, it's a simple truth. Without our health we can’t be as effective in all aspects of our lives that God needs us to be active in. Good health extends our ability to make an impact for the cause of Christ. Plainly said, God doesn't need our help to get his message around the world, we do.

Workout, guided video series, goal setting, custom weekly workouts, daily devotionals and nutrition! Such an awesome way to honor Him through health, fitness and community! Come take a step with me and be who God intended for you to be!  Come ready to move!


Beginning Thursday Jan 28th, 2016 @ 6:00pm
Weatherstone Church, New Berlin
Location • Café main entrance & Gym
*Prayfit does not meet the 3rd Thursday of the month, that week Prayfit meets on Saturday at 8:00am.  Please contact Keely at LifeForce Fitness ahead of time for updated meeting dates & times.

Life is not about body fat and muscle tone. 
It's about where our hearts are at and His grace alone. 
It's not about the mirror or any other measurement, 
but in our service to others, reflecting the Son He sent.
We're called to honor the body, 
but not for our praise or reward.
We're just simple, humble stewards, 
on a mission for the Lord. 
So eat right, train hard, but don't forget your purpose, 
God sees your heart and not what's on the surface.

-Jimmy Penna, Founder Prayfit

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Dirty Girl Mud Run
1:00 PM13:00

Dirty Girl Mud Run

The Dirty Girl Mud Run is a 3.1 mile(ish) obstacle course run for women ONLY! Whether your looking to make your weekend more challenging or just an afternoon outside with the girls, The Dirty Girl Mud Run has a place for you! If this is your first time running an organized obstacle run or 5k, YOU WILL GET TO THE FINISH LINE!

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